Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dan is the man

by Jane Vanderwerf, Oct. 30, 2009

I've attended city council meetings periodically over the past couple of years and have seen council candidates Mr. Hughes and Mr. Schwartzman in action. My impression was that, when presented with a vote that forced them to choose between what a business wanted and what might be viewed by cautious people as protecting Benicia citizens' health, well-being and quality of life, their votes tended to be on the side of business. If you agree with this, by all means vote for one or both of these men. As for me (being one of those cautious people), I am voting for Dan Smith.

Mr. Smith is pro-business while at the same time being careful to ensure that both Benicia citizens and its businesses come out ahead in the process. He has served on the council before, in addition to having participated in other civic committees and volunteer organizations in town over the past 20-plus years. Dan Smith knows Benicia well and has a good feel for what its citizens want in terms of programs and services. If you are interested in maintaining Benicia's high quality of life and increasing the city's business tax revenues by electing a person dedicated to boosting First Street, the industrial park and our other commercial areas, vote for Dan Smith and only Dan Smith.

Please take the time to vote on Tuesday and remember, "Dan's the One."

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