Saturday, November 3, 2007

Censorship in Benicia!

Freedom of the Press has succumbed to the influence of the Big Money Candidates

Les Mahler, Editor of Benicia Herald, Suspended for Writing Critical Editorial about the Big Money Candidates in our Election.

Some of you may not yet know about the crisis that occurred at the Benicia Herald this Tuesday, Oct. 30. If you've heard a little but don't know the whole story, I recommend reading this article in Vallejo Times Herald, Nov. 1. (Be sure to click on the readers' Comments at the bottom of the story, to get additional details, including a note from Les Mahler.)

There was a rather large demonstration in front of the Benicia Herald office Friday with many protest signs complaining about this power play by Candidates Strawbridge and Whitney, and the effect this has had on freedom of the press in this town. We want reporters and editors who are free to report the whole story from every angle, whether it is critical of big advertisers and influential officials or not.

Cancel your subscription to Benicia Herald! 745-0733

Some of us have decided to cancel our subscription to the Benicia Herald EFFECTIVE DEC. 1, UNLESS the editor is rehired, and the paper changes its heavy handed policy of news and editorial censorship.

I cancelled my sub on Friday, and was angrily mocked by a management person (Sam LeRoy?) who said that only a couple others had done so, and he doubted if any others would follow. Help us prove him wrong. Consider joining us. Call the Herald on Monday morning, Nov. 5, and cancel your sub (effective Dec. 1).

This will send a strong message to the Publisher, David Payne, that the people of this town don't want big money interests controlling what we can read in our paper. (And after you call, please mail a note EXPLAINING WHY you’re canceling, addressed to David Payne, Publisher, c/o Benicia Herald, 820 First Street, Benicia, CA 94510, Or, you can also email him at

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